Australia bound!

my semester abroad…

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!! Oye, Oye, Oye!!


So apparently I have to also go to school while Im here..whooppss I kinda forgot about that:) Orientation was Monday- Wednesday. It was a typical orientation except we had a break for “Morning Tea” about mid morning and we did the Australian chant of “Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oye Oye Oye!” numerous times. At morning tea they offered coffee and juice (I know, no tea..??) and heaps and heaps of fresh fruit, muffins, mini pizza looking things, and quiche. And this wasnt just a few people. There are over 1000 students studying abroad at UQ from all over the world! We did an activity where they called different countries out and when they called yours you stood up. Im telling you, they called countries that I didnt even know exsisted! China won the most students award coming in with over 700 students, and thats not even counting all the smaller countries around China! Anyways, after all of this the taught us the Aussie chant and had us all yell it loud in the auditorium. Apparently they yell this at Rugby games a lot.. guess Ill just have to find out!:)

Yesterday, Wednesday, was Market Day. Market Day is when all the clubs, local businesses, and local bars come out and try to persuade you to become a part of them. I joined the Waterskiing/Wakeboarding club which I am sooooo excited about, club volleyball, club beach volleyball, and a few campus Christian groups. Overall I felt like it was a very successful day:).  Its so bizarre because clubs and businesses promote all these parties and endless bar tabs on campus, like its no big deal! Needless to say Aussies lovvvee to party, every single day of the week.

My camera is currently broken for those of you who care lol. Im thinking it is the sand that got in it during our trip to Fraser Island…my goal today is to get it to the repair shop and figure out what needs to be done.

O, I got invited to my first Barbie!!!! Not sure if it will be Friday or Saturday, but I will definitely fill you in on how that goes:)

I miss you all so much, but especially my little nephews, Grayson and Chandler:(. I have been watching alll the facebook videos on each of them and feel like I have already missed so much! I did get to hear Chandler say “I love you TT” which made my life. Hope all is well in the States!

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